How To Lose Armpit Skin Tags

Most people who suffer with skintags will most likely develop them under the armpit area, so if you are on the lookout to finding out how to lose armpit skin tags then you have come to the right place. Lets take a quick look at just a few methods that will blitz those ugly skintags away in no time at all.

If you are looking for instant results then the only option for you is by cutting them off. A word of advice if you are planning going down this road. This is going to be a two person job, this is because you will need two hands to do the job correctly. One hand to pull the skin tag away from the armpit and another hand to cut it off.

This is were it gets a little tricky not a lot of folks like cutting off another persons skin tags, so finding a friend or family member to do it may be a little tricky. Once you find someone who is willing to do for you. You will need a clean and sterilized cutting tool, alcohol to clean and prepare the skin tag for cutting. Tissue to mop up any blood and a band aid to cover the area up once you have cut it off.

Another method on how to lose armpit skin tags is using wart remover. Wart remover is not just for warts, it can be used successfully to remove skintags as well. There are lots and lots of different wart creams out there in the marketplace, so it is best that you do a little online research to find one which will successfully treat this common skin problem.

Once you have chosen a wart remover cream, follow the directions on the packaging and cover the area up with a band aid for the recommended time stated. Some wart removers work quicker than others, so to get the best results always follow the advice given on the box, to see the best results that you can.

Another popular method used to lose armpit skin tags by lots of folk is the duct tape method. This one is so simple to do. All you do is cover the skin tag with a tiny piece of duct tape. Leave it on for a few days then remove it. This method will probably take you around 2 weeks to see results, so be patient and keep applying the duct tape every few days. You will notice at each application that the skin tags becomes smaller and smaller till it has totally disappeared and you are skin tag free.

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