How To Remove Skin Tags Yourself At Home

Skin tags are ugly little things, but they are quite easy to remove when you know how to do it. Most people pay out large amounts of money to have them professionally removed at their local doctors office. Whilst this option can be effective, lots of people in today’s economical climate can simply not afford to use this method of removing skin tags.

People, now want to know how to remove skin tags yourself at home. Well there are lots and lots of different ways that this can be done at home. So lets take you through just two methods that lots of people are using today.

The first at home skin tag removal method that we are going to look at is probably the most well known and most well used at home procedure. The method that we are talking about is the cutting off method. Removal using this technique is simple, you pull the skin tag away from the skin and simply cut it off.

But before you do, you will need to make sure that your cutters are sharp and clean, this will help to ensure you get a quick and clean cut and that skin infections do not occur in the days following after you have cut the skin tag off. You will also need to make sure that you have tissues and plasters on hand, so that you clean up the wound following the procedure.

To further increase your chances of not getting any skin infections, make sure that you clean the skin tag thoroughly using an alcohol based sterilizer, before you begin the procedure of cutting if off.

The cutting off, of skin tags is relatively painless. But for some people this method is just not an option because of the sight of blood. Some skin tags can be bleeders, which means lots of blood will be shed.

If this method is a bit too extreme for you, why not try the duct tape method. This is another very simple technique. All you do is place a small piece of duct tape over the skin tag and after several days the skin tag should hopefully die and fall off. This method seems to be getting a lot of mixed results though, but if you are suffering from skin tags it might be worth a try for you.

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