Skin Tag Removal Using Duct Tape

When it comes to removing skin tags yourself in the comfort of your own home. There are lots and lots of different ways to do it, but one method which is growing in popularity fast is skin tag removal using duct tape. That’s right folks you can remove these unwanted and ugly little things using the common household item duct tape.

But how does it work in removing them, well studies have found that it remove them mainly due to two reasons. Reason one is, it removes debrides (dead skin) which ultimately gradually eliminates the skin tag that has been living on the skin. Reason two is that the duct tape somehow gets into the users immune system, which then attacks and fights the virus which as caused the skin tag to appear.

I’m interested in skin tag removal using duct tape, but how to I do it. Well all you need to do is apply a small piece of duct tape over the affected area and keep it there for around six days. Remove the duct tape, soak the skin tag for several minutes then file it down with an Emory board.

Other way to administer it, is by combining it with wart remover and applying duct tape over the skin tag each night. What you will find that each time you remove the duct tape a little bit of dead skin from the skin tag will be removed at each application.

The downsides to using duct tape is the skin can become red and soggy, if you are suffering from any skin rashes whilst using the duct tape method it is best that you discontinue this method. Leave it a few days to allow your skin to remover then move on to the next skin tag removal technique. Good luck on your journey to becoming free from skin tags.

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