Top 5 Ways To Getting Rid Of Skin Tags At Home

When it comes to getting rid of skin tags at home, there are lots and lots of different ways to do it. With some methods working better than others, the main things people want though is fast results that leave the skin scar free and free from skin tags once and for all.

Let’s take a look at the five top ways to do it from home.

Number One

It has got to be using the proven methods and techniques that are published in this online skin tag removal program. This program has been tried and tested to work by thousands of people all over the world. If you are looking at getting rids of those ugly and unwanted skin tags you you definitely need to check out the webs number one removal program.

Number Two

This method is so popular because the results are instant, the method I’m talking about is the cutting off technique. Simply put, you cut off the tag using a sterilized pair of scissors and cover it up with a band aid till it is fully healed up. If you do not like the sight of blood, this method is not going to be for you . Due to the large amount of blood that can come out of some skin tags during the cutting off process.

Number Three

Tying them with dental floss is another extremely popular method in getting rid of skin tags at home. All you do is tie a small piece of dental floss around the base. Leave it on and after a few days the skin tag dies and falls off. Leaving skin which is flat and relatively scar free.

Number Four

The duct tape method, this method involves applying a small piece of duct tape over the skin tag and leaving it on for several days. It is said that the duct tape plays havoc with the bodies immune system. Which then attacks the virus that caused the skin tag and it falls off naturally.

Number Five

Using a mixture of baking soda and Castor oil is also said to help remove skin tags fast. Apply the mixture over the affected area cover with a band aid and leave on for several days. Remove the band aid and hopefully the skin tags will off fallen off revealing flat and clear scar free skin.

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